Office Automation Consultants, Inc.
A Data Processing, Word Processing, and Telecommunications Firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana


Office Automation Consultants Inc. was founded by Vincent J. Ambrosia in 1981. 👨‍💻

Office Automation Consultants Inc. (“OAC”) offers the highest quality software products and information technology services.💾

  • OAC provides:
    • custom software development;
    • systems integration, packaged software integration;
    • I.T. consulting;
    • web development;
    • data processing related services and products.

OAC has been serving the public and private sectors since 1981. For over 30 years, OAC has been recognized for its application expertise by being selected as a business partner by major national vendors such as IBM, Digital Equipment, Honeywell, and Wang Laboratories.

OAC’s partnerships with clients develop solutions that reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Contact Office Automation Consultants, Inc. ✉️📞🏢📠

Orleans Parish Office: 
932 Hidalgo Street, Ste. 3, New Orleans, LA 70124   
phone: (504) 400 - 9926
Jefferson Parish Office: 
8840 20th St., Kenner, LA 70062
phone: (504) 467 - 8000
email: oac@oacsoftware.com  

Since 1981 OAC has installed its software packages with customers including: Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (U.S. Dept. of Defense) United States Postal Service Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles Arkansas Supreme Court Louisiana Supreme Court Mississippi Supreme Court New York Appellate Division 4th Judicial Department New York Inspector General Arkansas Court of Appeal Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal Louisiana Attorney General’s Office Mississippi Public Service Commission Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Orleans Parish District Attorney Numerous Louisiana District Courts Mississippi: Harrison County, Jackson County, and Lauderdale County etc.